Rapid Alcohol Detox

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A Proprietary Anesthesia-Assisted Rapid Alcohol Detoxification Method

Rejuvenation™, a rapid alcohol detox, is the provider of a proprietary moderate sedation-assisted alcohol detox method. Our unique Rejuvenation™ is based on years of refinement and introduction of new drugs and implementation of upgraded methods for delivering unsurpassed treatment while simultaneously providing our patients with unparalleled experience and comfort. Our program’s proven treatment method uses sleep-induced, moderate sedation and FDA approved drugs as part of our exclusive rapid alcohol detox treatment process that help free you from the grips of alcoholism in a private and confidential setting. Unlike traditional detox rehab facilities that require anywhere from 15 to 45 days for treatment, Rejuvenation™ does it in 2 days! *

We have spent years developing and refining our pioneering Rejuvenation™ method. Our protocol utilizes advanced, FDA-cleared drugs delivered in a precise manner by a board-certified physician specialist during the period while our patients are comfortably asleep for their detox. Because your body is likely depleted of very crucial vitamins and minerals, infusion of these substances, among other things, take place before, during, and after your procedure. Finally, as you sleep, a small anti-alcohol craving drug is injected or implanted in a very inconspicuous part of your body for a 30 or 90 days of coverage, respectively.

Once your body is free from the harmful effects of alcohol, combinations of very specific FDA approved drugs are prescribed to deter alcohol addiction relapse. As long as you reliably take your medications as prescribed, you can expect to be entirely sober, thriving and liberated of those cravings that once cruelly controlled your every thoughts and actions!

* For qualified candidates. Outpatient follow-up and directions may be necessary.